Nothing Inc is based on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. We deliver high quality solutions to our clients in the diverse array of services we offer. We understand the demands of business, which is why we offer around the clock (24/7) support services. With onsite support for the local area and remote support around the world.

Technical Support

Our support services are second to none, ensuring the customer is able to operation at all times and if there is an issues providing the quickest possible resolution time. Depending on your requirements we can offer a wide range of support options. We understand the customer may not have the required knowledge and offer simple and friendly responses. If required we can provide training sessions and our helpdesk even has simple to follow instructions on common problems you may come across in your day to day life.

Tailored Solutions

We here at Nothing Inc. can offer a completely tailored solution for any requirement or scale; we can offer as little as an independent consultation and all the way through to complete development and deployment. We have experience with hardware deployment, redundant backup solutions, software procurement and media distribution.

Our Work

IP Facts

Lookup my IP address details, research other IP addresses and get the facts.

This website is designed to be simple, as per it's short, catchy and easy to remember name, you'll be able to find all sorts of helpful information on your current IP address including what untrusted third parties can see about you. If you're looking for information on another IP address, nifty look up tools await you.

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The Benware Network

Your One Stop Spot For All Your Freeware Needs.

Have you ever needed a simple tool for a simple solution? Perhaps a reliable browser, PDF printer, ZIP program or FTP client that is free, without catches, malware or requires you to hand over your personal information? The Benware networK is what you've been looking for! Specialising in free and safe software for your PC - they are free of commercial influences as well with a keen eye for free and open source software.

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Neo-Terran Front

The Neo-Terran Front clan [NTF] is a tight group of Australian gamers united out of passion for Freespace and hardcore gaming.

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Online Resume

Tech Support and Systems Management

An online web resume for a highly-experienced IT technician with a strong background in technical support

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